Gifts for the Beer Lover

Christmas gifts for beer lovers

Whether its Christmas time, a birthday or any other gift-giving event, the beer lover on your list presents a lot of options in what you might gift them with.

Here’s a look at ten gift ideas for beer aficionados and lovers:

1. Classic beer posters: Anyone with a home bar or a home brewery needs at least one classic beer poster such as the photo of the anti-Prohibition posters marching with picket signs saying "We want beer." It's a nice reminder that there are things in this world worth fighting for. There are many other great collectible antique posters related to beer.

2. Personalized beer mugs: I love beer and I know I would love a beer mug that said "Jim’s beer" on it or "Jim’s brew." Or just "Jim." In fact, let me go looking for a personalized beer mug right now.

3. Custom beer steins: Get a custom made beer stein designed just for the beer lover on your list. Beer steins can be custom crafted by any professional potter.

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4. A beer bar mirror is the perfect gift for the home bar.

5. A beer cooler or fridge is perfect for anyone who loves beer and has not thought of buying one of these for him or herself. Many times people buy an old energy-sucking fridge for a beer cooler so an Energy- smart brand new fridge still makes a perfect beer gift upgrade.

6. Even cooler than a beer cooler: an IceZilla from icehole! IceZilla is an ingenious, reusable, ice mold that creates an ice sculpture that keeps drinks frosty for hours! Simply fill the mold, freeze it, release the ice, place your beverages in it and enjoy.  He and his buds can make all kinds of stupid puns while using this, like "You're a freezing icehole" or "Put these in your iceholes!"

7. Membership in a beer of the month club. There is no doubt that any true lover of beer has not tried every brand of beer out there. A Beer of the Month Club can offer exposure to a variety of brands which might not come immediately to mind when considering new beers.

8. T-shirts and clothing: get him (or her) the T-shirt or cap or any other item of clothing that says "I love beer." Hopefully the shirt is more subtle than that although many beer lovers might not care if it's not.

9. A beer making kit: There is no doubt that homebrew is the best, cheapest and most fun way to enjoy beer.

10. Beer tours are a growing a niche n the travel industry. Organize an entire tour around beer sites or arrange one with a travel agent. A beer-based holiday is perfect for anyone.

Almost all of the gifts listed above are available here at Beer Classifieds.